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Habakkuk 2:2-3 When God gives you a vision put it down in writings because the revelations awaits an appointed time, It speaks of the end and will not prove false. I believe in possibilities in the name of Jesus. He is able to do anything to HIS CHILDREN. My prayer is you to receive what HE has in stored for you and also for you to reach your destiny, that is of HIS purpose. I believe in prayers, It is the key to the best relationship with GOD. You will never know who you are until you start listening to GOD, spend time with GOD and read HIS WORD. 

 You will know your call or GOD's purpose in your life when you do something and it brings fulfillment in your life. My greatest desire is to help people to know JESUS CHRIST and accept HIM as their personal savior, because HE is the way the truth and life. No one goes to the father except through HIM. One of the best thing i am learning now is to have a positive attitude and look things in a positive way. In James 4:8 the bible says Come near to God and HE will come near to you. 

There is no any other way to draw ourselves to HIM than spending time with GOD, read the WORD of GOD and worship HIM.

The bible says when we acknowledge GOD in our ways HE will direct our paths. Proverbs 3:6

I love this verse in 

  • Isaiah 47:17b I am the Lord your God who teaches you what is best for you and who directs you in the way you should go. Saints we just have to trust him and he will do the rest. 

Its my prayer that we seek GOD'S face and humble ourselves (submit to prayer/to GOD) before HIM ,so that HE can forgive our sins and heal our land, protect our families, deliver our cities and nations . I pray as you read this blog may the Lord's will be fulfilled in your life, and may he open doors for you, and direct your ways towards your destiny. 2 Chronicles 7:14

" i want to appreciate you and all your good comments. Thanks a lot for  stopping by to read the WORD of GOD with me.
Also just to encourage you today always remember GOD LOVES YOU VERY MUCH. HE CARES FOR YOU. IT DOESN'T matter what you are going through know that there is nothing that surprises GOD. Anything that happens to you HE knows it. just reach out to HIM"

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Divine Destiny is where someone arrives/lives in the calling/purpose in which God has created you to be/do. (You will even say this is the reason why I was born). You will know if you have reached your divine destiny, when your heart is at peace and has full of joy and fulfillment in whatever you are doing. This is when others look at you and witness in their hearts that wow!! Something is happening to our friend or sister or brother.This is when the Holy Spirit births out something unique about you. And what ever you do is so successful not only in the eyes of God but also men. Good example is Moses when he lead the Israelite from Egypt to the promise land everyone around him knew he was divinely appointed and he is fulfilling God's calling/purpose (Divine Destiny) in his life.Your Destiny can be revealed in many ways. Some will save other people's lives. Some will start new things that nobody has ever started. Some will sing a solo that will inspire everybody. Some will be promoted in the highest positions possible. But all for God's GLORY AND PURPOSE, God wants you to do something for the benefit of his children and for HIS GLORY. Have you ever asked GOD why you are here, what is HIS purpose in your life? Now its the time to do so!