Thursday, September 8, 2016

There are things you can do to GOD and HE will make you KNOWN!

Sometimes you do not need an advertisement company, a social media website or a newspaper to make you known. GOD can influence that.
Every time i read these scriptures i get so amaized of how GOD works. At the right time, at the right moment and at the right place. We just need the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT to provide that. 
GOD doesnot look at how people see you, HE searches the hearts of men.
just read the following:-

Mathew 26:6-13

Jesus was in Bethany. He was in the home of Simon, who had a skin disease. A woman came to Jesus with a special sealed jar of very expensive perfume. She poured the perfume on his head while he was at the table.When the disciples saw this, they became angry. “Why this waste?” they asked. “The perfume could have been sold at a high price. The money could have been given to poor people.”10 Jesus was aware of this. So he said to them, “Why are you bothering this woman? She has done a beautiful thing to me. 11 You will always have poor people with you. But you will not always have me. 12 She poured the perfume on my body to prepare me to be buried. 

13 What I’m about to tell you is true. What she has done will be told anywhere this good news is preached all over the world. It will be told in memory of her.”

so this woman i know she was lead by the HOLY SPIRIT. One thing she knew that JESUS CHRIST was very special. she did not know how to say it, but she expressed the love she had for GOD by pouring to HIM the most expensive perfume she had. Remember this woman was considered a sinful woman according to the scriptures. if you read John 12:1-8, Mark 14:3-9 and Luke 7:36-50 you will see that just by her doing this her many sins were forgiven.Also the WORD of GOD indicates that she cried and her teers poured on JESUS CHRIST.

1. she knew who JESUS WAS and did not just let the opportunity pass her.
2. she decide to give to JESUS what she had, the most expensive perfume
3. she did not care about other people she went for what she wanted
4. her heart was truthful to GOD. that is why she cried and surrendered to GOD. So her sins were forgiven.
5. GOD directed her for the right time when JESUS NEEDED THAT. it was when JESUS was getting ready to die at the cross. 

Psalms141:2 Revelation 8:4

it did not just end there look verse 13 JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF said, "what she has done, it will be told anywhere the gospel will be preached all over the world."  (she is now known all over)


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Divine Destiny is where someone arrives/lives in the calling/purpose in which God has created you to be/do. (You will even say this is the reason why I was born). You will know if you have reached your divine destiny, when your heart is at peace and has full of joy and fulfillment in whatever you are doing. This is when others look at you and witness in their hearts that wow!! Something is happening to our friend or sister or brother.This is when the Holy Spirit births out something unique about you. And what ever you do is so successful not only in the eyes of God but also men. Good example is Moses when he lead the Israelite from Egypt to the promise land everyone around him knew he was divinely appointed and he is fulfilling God's calling/purpose (Divine Destiny) in his life.Your Destiny can be revealed in many ways. Some will save other people's lives. Some will start new things that nobody has ever started. Some will sing a solo that will inspire everybody. Some will be promoted in the highest positions possible. But all for God's GLORY AND PURPOSE, God wants you to do something for the benefit of his children and for HIS GLORY. Have you ever asked GOD why you are here, what is HIS purpose in your life? Now its the time to do so!