Friday, November 15, 2013


The world has its armor, like Goliath of Gath, its helmet of education, its spear of science, its sword of reason, its shield of cold indifference. But God has His anointed Davids today, not one but millions! We have the whole armor of God, the helmet of salvation, the shield of faith, the sword of the Word of God, and are shod with the footwear of peace. We need not be afraid—the battle is the Lord’s and ours the victory. Hallelujah! God bless you today. Please share to encourage a friend. REINHARD BONNKE

While the church appoints, God anoints! God may not bless church appointments. To avoid disappointment, the appointed must be anointed. When the apostles wanted to choose people who would do practical work in the church, they chose those who were 'known to be full of the Spirit' (Acts
6:2-3). For leaders, who do much more than practical jobs in church, being full of the Spirit is the top qualification. God never calls without anointing. Nothing can take its place. Education, enthusiasm, talent and energy are very important, but without God's anointing, they mean nothing in the Kingdom of God. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
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Divine Destiny is where someone arrives/lives in the calling/purpose in which God has created you to be/do. (You will even say this is the reason why I was born). You will know if you have reached your divine destiny, when your heart is at peace and has full of joy and fulfillment in whatever you are doing. This is when others look at you and witness in their hearts that wow!! Something is happening to our friend or sister or brother.This is when the Holy Spirit births out something unique about you. And what ever you do is so successful not only in the eyes of God but also men. Good example is Moses when he lead the Israelite from Egypt to the promise land everyone around him knew he was divinely appointed and he is fulfilling God's calling/purpose (Divine Destiny) in his life.Your Destiny can be revealed in many ways. Some will save other people's lives. Some will start new things that nobody has ever started. Some will sing a solo that will inspire everybody. Some will be promoted in the highest positions possible. But all for God's GLORY AND PURPOSE, God wants you to do something for the benefit of his children and for HIS GLORY. Have you ever asked GOD why you are here, what is HIS purpose in your life? Now its the time to do so!