Wednesday, February 13, 2008


What new beginnings are you expecting from him? When i was in prayer last month the Lord revealed to me that the CHURCH has relaxed because of the word "new beginning" people are expecting wonders to happen this year, probably getting a new job, a new life, a new something. Just automatically!
Infact, and truthfully this is the year that those who will be focused and be faithfully to the LORD shall harvest GOD's purpose in their lives, and enter into their destiny. This is the year that the body of CHRIST has to earnestly seek GOD like never before. The church has to take its position. The children of God have to position themselves. My GOD the past is over, the future has alot of promise and possibilites.
Lets look at the WORD of GOD, when the people of GOD who were positioned in their new beginnings what they did.
2Chronicles 29:1-6 talks about King Hezekiah he was known to be one of the best kings in Jerusalem. When he was appointed to be king the bible says he did what was right in the eyes of the LORD. The first thing he did when he became the president (King) was;- he Opened the doors of the temple of GOD and repaired them! and ordered the levites who were the priest to purify themselves and concerate themselves and asked them to remove all the defilement from the sanctuary. The WORD of GOD continue to say in 2 Chronicles 31:20 that King Hezekiah did all this before God and lived right and became faithful, obeyed GOD's command. The bible says so he PROSPERED.
I don't really know about us. If GOD gives us such a chance to become president or if he prosper us in any area of our lives, are we going to put HIM first? We are also reflecting what king Hezekiah did with today. Today we are talking about our bodies as the temple of God. Are we going to open our bodies to GOD and purify ourselves? Concecrate ourselves and choose to live right with GOD? Or rather we are just going to forget him and focus with the fame (the new beginning).
In the book of Daniel 1:7- 11 The bible says When God positioned Daniel, Shadrack, Mesharck and Abednego in their new beginning (at the palace), they refused to eat the food from the palace! They choose not to defile themselves with the royal food and wine instead they choose to eat only vegetables and water. The bible says they looked more better than the rest. Imagine you just came from the developing countries and here you are in the PALACE! or lest put it the first world. The food is great and as much as you want, drinks are there only your choice, while in your country to get a soda is until there is a wedding or something big is happening. Would we do like what Daniel, Shedrack, Mesharck and Abednego did?
The word of God tells us we should not be confirmed with the things of this world. When we get saved ourlives should be different from the lives of this world. There has to be a difference.
OUR NEW BEGINNINGS SHOULD BE FOCUSED WITH OUR GOD. Just as God wants to start a new beginning with you so as the devil is fighting  so that you don't get it. That is why this year is very crutial to the body of Christ. We have to pray like never before. I believe JESUS CHRIST is preparing his church for his second coming.

God's Prophetic message to us this year is in the book of Rev 3:7-9.
This is more powerful than anything.
"These are the words of him who is holy and ture, who holds the key of Daivd. What e opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open. I know your deeds. See I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name. I will make those hwo are of the synagogue of satan, who claim to be Jews though they ar not , but are liars-I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you"

If JESUS CHRIST opens the door to your spiritual success, to your destiny, to your family, to your needs no one can shut it. THIS IS THE YEAR OF NEW BEGINNINGS, we cannot enter or go through that open door if we are not living right with GOD, if we are not seeking him to know what he wants us to do. GOD is ready to do something in our lives today. If we take HIS WORD seriously our lives will never be the same again. Yes we can go through hard times (through fire) but the WORD of GOD says No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper Isaiah 54:17. Take the word prosper = success. This means no matter problems you are facing, they are not going to be successful. It doesnt matter what struggles you are facing right now they arent going to be successful.
Saints lets not relax on the word "New Beginning" Lets jump start our prayer lives and position ourselves for GOD's Kingdom. Isaiah 60:1 the bible say Arise and Shine for the Glory of GOD is upon you. Praise GOD let HIS name be lifted up on high. May HIS presence be manifested among us. May GOD enable us to hear and act on HIS WORD
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Divine Destiny is where someone arrives/lives in the calling/purpose in which God has created you to be/do. (You will even say this is the reason why I was born). You will know if you have reached your divine destiny, when your heart is at peace and has full of joy and fulfillment in whatever you are doing. This is when others look at you and witness in their hearts that wow!! Something is happening to our friend or sister or brother.This is when the Holy Spirit births out something unique about you. And what ever you do is so successful not only in the eyes of God but also men. Good example is Moses when he lead the Israelite from Egypt to the promise land everyone around him knew he was divinely appointed and he is fulfilling God's calling/purpose (Divine Destiny) in his life.Your Destiny can be revealed in many ways. Some will save other people's lives. Some will start new things that nobody has ever started. Some will sing a solo that will inspire everybody. Some will be promoted in the highest positions possible. But all for God's GLORY AND PURPOSE, God wants you to do something for the benefit of his children and for HIS GLORY. Have you ever asked GOD why you are here, what is HIS purpose in your life? Now its the time to do so!